Introduction to General Relativity


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This is the webpage for PHYS 5393 Introduction to General Relativity and PHYS 4380 -the undergraduate version-). This is a course that introduces the neophyte to Einstein's theory of general relativity and other topics in the field of gravitation. Einstein’s theory of gravity is a geometrical theory of gravitation and it is also a classical physics theory. Its beauty resides in the relatively simple fundamental concepts upon which it is built. But the price paid for this simplicity is the rather complex and elaborate mathematical formalism that is needed to describe it. Additionally it is also the webpage for the undergraduate version of it PHYS 4380 (less demanding in terms of HW and number of exercises covered in the exams).

Link to the graduate Syllabus: GR2020-PHYS-5393_syllabus.pdf

Link to the undergraduate Syllabus: GR2020_PHYS-4380-syllabus.pdf

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PHYS 5393 and PHYS 4380

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